Ensemble Has Arrived

Available in the iTunes store here!

Ensemble Composer

Plus, what’s next:

We’re planning on some little fixes and upgrades to get the suite of apps looking tight for iOS 7, then we’ll have a major announcement of some exciting new developments in the new Ensemble app coming up. We can’t give too much away just yet, but Ensemble is great on its own and it’s the start of something big.

4 thoughts on “Ensemble Has Arrived

  1. I need more! Ensemble composer has absolutely revolutionized my method of practice as well as helped me write countless amounts of music for personal use and the high school lines i teach. I have had so many fellow players and teachers say that your app would be their primary method of writing battery scores if they could print it as sheet music as well as export it in an mp3 format. You guys have to do more! if you need funding, check out gofundme, Facebook, or simply ask your existing users! we love it and we simply have to have more of what you put out! you guys are awesome and keep up the fantastic work!

    • Awesome, Matt – thanks! Those are great suggestions, man. We’ve got a meeting next week and we’ll definitely talk about your funding ideas. The mp3 thing, the PDF thing, and sharing are all on the table. Thanks again for the support and the nudge!

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