We’ve created an amazing iPhone app for drumline enthusiasts. If you’d rather hang out in the lot listening to warm-ups and pieces of the drum book, then this is the app for you. First and foremost, we’ve designed all of the composer apps for easy entry and easy sharing. We wanted a simple solution for creating the beats that were playing in our heads. Plus, we wanted to hear how those beats were going to sound without having a whole drumline at the ready to play it. This way we could improve the beats before they are ever played. Then of course we want to share those out to the line so they can hear them too. Second, we wanted a drumline to play along with us – when we warm-up, when we’re trying to learn a new piece, when we need to break down a complicated passage. So, we created the ability to store your music and lock it from further changes. You can change the tempo – slow things down until it just feels right in the hands and sounds right in the ears, then gradually get it up to speed, or really reef the tempo to push yourself to a new level.

We hope you enjoy creating and playing along as much as we do. Keep getting better!

Ensemble Composer


Published by DCroy

David designs things - primarily lettering things - that are printed and built, mostly in Asia and the western United States. He lives in Chicago.

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