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This is the information site and blog for Drumline Apps – a suite of mobile apps for marching musicians and enthusiasts to create beats, exercises, and licks from their iPhones & iPads:


Ensemble Composer

Tenorline Composer

About the Makers:

Nicholas and David marched at Mizzou, in drum corps including Sky Ryders and the Velvet Knights, and at the University of North Texas, in finals and at PASIC. Before Nick started coding and Dave started designing, they were both marching drummers first.

187 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’m on my school’s drumline and we compose on the bus to competitionsee alot for fun…
    …But I cannot personally get the app because I have an android device, I would love to have it available on my phone and in the Google play store.

    • Hi Anthony, we’d love to put it on Android, but it’s a pretty big job: because we’re so close to the machine (for timing accuracy), we can’t just port it. We have to rebuild it from the bottom up. It’s definitely on our radar, though. Thanks for dropping a line.

      • Apologies, and please know that we do hear you. Coding close to the machine (which you gotta do to prevent lag and other issues) makes this a HUGE undertaking. We’re still looking at it, and we do appreciate the poke. Thanks, Bryce.

  2. I saved the sheet music and the only option was google drive so that’s what i saved it in. When I go to open it in drive, it said the file is not supported. Is there any way to fix this? perhaps a PDF?

  3. I used this app all the time to write drum books and warm ups. It such a great app! My only concern is that when I purchased the audio export feature, after I finish recording a piece the app crashes and the pieces get deleted. Also the drums would sound better if it was an actual snare line and not just the sound of one snare drum.

  4. I just downloaded this app, and so far, it’s really great. There’s nothing like it anywhere else and it’s pretty easy to write with it. The only thing I would like to see is a second Spock. I know the recordings came from vanguard so getting the second Spock recording might be difficult. Even without that, it’s still great. Keep up the work

    • Thanks, Scott! We’ve been asked a few times to either add a spock or increase the number of basses. We wouldn’t be able to do that with our current sounds. We’ll continue to look into providing this functionality. Thanks!

  5. Can you please pleaseeeee make this compatible with Android. I March and do indoor percussion I’m bass 4. And I have great ideas but I can’t show others because I don’t have the app. And I don’t have time to pull out paper and pencils and such. I almost always have my phone on me. I would just really like this app

  6. For some reason I can’t transfer the app music to sheet music. How do I do that? Every time I save it to dropbox, the file can never be viewed. PS I already made the in app purchase of the sheet music option

  7. I’m currently looking for a notation software for my iPad and I’ve came across this. I was wondering as I write splits and parts will I be able to actually see the music in score form instead of box form? I don’t see that on the demo pics in the app store. If I can I will be purchasing but just need to clarify first. It will be for the iPad air 2

    • Does exporting to dla format work either? can you tell us a bit more about your situation? What device are you using? Have you upgraded to the latest version of the app? What iOS version are you running? This will help us troubleshoot. Thanks!

    • Jon, we’re doing a major overhaul to the apps. The Snareline Composer app had some limitations from how we first made it to continue to grow. We may introduce it again, but it will be different (we think better). Thanks for asking about it!

  8. Have this app currently for iPhone and love using it. Very useful for writing down any quick ideas I have so I can hear what they sound like. But, I am soon switching to android and will dearly miss this app. Is there still any plan to bring this app to android? I would love to have access to it on my new device!

  9. I know these apps are for apple but can they be compatible for Android? I really want to get this app so I can write some bass licks. I would really appreciate it

  10. So I know that you can’t get this app on an android phone but does that also mean that i can’t share audio files with someone who has android without sending it through email so they can download the audio file and play it one some sort of media player? Also the audio files don’t playback from the computer if i send it through facebook messenger. Is that also a compatibility issue?

  11. Do you think you’ll ever resample the snare rimshots to sound more like dci snare rimshots ? 👍🏾

    • Hi Onieal – thanks for the question. The sounds in there are recorded live on SCV’s gear, so they’re real snarshots. But! We’re working right now on expanding our sound sets to give you guys more options. If you want something other than Rennick’s Dynasty tuning, we’re working on it. Thanks.

  12. I have the same dilemma that Maynor Yanes has. I’ve used this app on my friend’s iPhone and I really enjoy it. But I have a Galaxy S7. Can you guys please make this app compatible for android? I have created cadences for a drum corp that I work with, and I really want to share my ideas with them.

  13. Hi guys, this app is by far the greatest drumline app i’ve seen, and thank you for that. Anyway, I have an idea that i think would be very interesting. I was thinking you can add one of those features where you can add a song from your music library to play along your drumline creation, much like a cover. Sibelius and the app “Real drums” has that feature. Thank you!

  14. The latest version of the app freezes on my iPad Pro when I try to export sheet music. I love this app and use it very often but I wish the feature I paid for would work.

    • Max!
      So sorry you’re having an issue with the SheetMusic export. This is the first we’ve heard of a problem with the iPad Pro and exporting. Can you please provide us a little bit more information?

      At what step does it freeze? Just when tapping “Export Sheet Music” or when selecting where to save it? Would you be willing to share a .dla file where you are experiencing this issue? If so please email it to drumline.apps@gmail.com. Hopefully that will help us diagnose and fix this for you.

    • Max, we’ve tried recreating this issue but haven’t been able to do so. The obvious things to try are: update to the latest OS version, make sure the app is up to date as well, “close” the app and retry, and lastly try deleting the app and reinstalling. Hope one of those clears it up for you or provides more clues on the issue.

  15. Hey there! I’m really loving this app (ensemble) and have been using it vigorously. I just want to know if it would be possible for the app to include time signatures in the export. As of now, if i write a 12/8 piece (i just set every measure to three notes per beat) it exports as a 4/4 with everything as a triplet instead of a 12/8 piece.

    • John, actually after looking into this and rereading your issue, the app is working as expected. We handle 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, and 9/8. I’d suggest perhaps doing 2 measures of 6/8. We may consider adding a 12/8 in the future. Thanks!

      • How do I go about exporting to sheet music? Is there a specific app bc I have export. How do I retrieve the file?

      • It’s the SheetMusic export feature. That generates a MusicXML file that can be opened in a program such as Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, etc.

  16. Hello! The Bass app rocks! I am puzzled though, because whenever I launch the application on my iPhone, the main menu appears, but one touch to the screen and the application crashes.

  17. Hello. I bought Ensemble Composer last year. I immediately was fully immersed in the app and make several compositions on it. After a few months, the game became offloaded on my phone, and when I tried to redownload the app, a pop-up said that I had to purchase the app again. What could be the issue?

  18. Hi! I love this app and have been using it for years but for some reason today when I try to open it and tap the screen it closes out. I’ve seen other comments where this has happened and was wondering if anyone found the fix to this problem. Would love to get back into the app very soon!

    • Hi Shawn, Apple changed a bunch of stuff under the hood, so Snareline no longer works as a standalone, so we pulled it. We’ll try to get it back out on its own, but whenever they change the iOS, our lives become difficult!

  19. Hello I am new to this app and I love it a lot but my question is how do I add an accent to a certain partial in the beat. Say I have a triplet and I want the accent on the second partial, how can I place that accent there if possible?

    • Hi Jake! Use the volume settings to create individual accents – mf for the regular notes, ff for the accent. That should do the trick. Have fun!

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